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Cast and Crew

Matthew Johnson, Voice Artist

A professional artist of the theatre whose career spans three decades, Matthew Johnson currently serves as an Associate Professor of Theatre at Eastern Kentucky University where he is the Head of Musical Theatre and the Director of the Appalachian Shakespeare Center at EKU. Matthew has directed, acted, taught, and/or designed for Theatres and Schools around the country. A very proud father of two, Matthew served as the Associate Artistic Director for Cincinnati Shakespeare Company for several years where he was in the resident company for nine seasons. A member of AEA, SDC, UNIMA-USA, Matthew was also a resident Puppeteer at the Center for Puppetry Arts for four seasons.  An award winning playwright with thirteen produced scripts, as well as an experienced designer of sets sounds and puppets, Matthew is proud to call Kentucky home.

John Fitch III, Writer, Producer, Director, Sound Designer

An award winning screenwriter and filmmaker, John's screenplays, independent films, documentaries, and experimental videos have been featured at dozens of film festivals and on television in the U.S. and Canada. He's also a college professor specializing in film production, cinema studies, mass media, and educational policy studies and politics.

Steven Bias, Composer

Steven Bias is prolific award winning composer and conductor. He has written scores for television, film, video games and theater, spanning many different genres. Steven's concert work is performed by symphonies across the United States. He has worked with world renowned musicians and his music can be heard, via streaming, in seventy-two countries. Steven's music can be heard on Spotify,  Amazon, Google, Pandora,  YouTube and all major streaming platforms.

Mitch Smith, Story Co-creator

Mitch Smith is an award-winning screenwriter, film producer, and internationally published graphic novelist. His written works have won or placed in contests through Fade In, Stage 32,, Writer's Digest, Script Pipeline, Ink & Cinema, and many more. 

@MitchSmithMedia on Facebook and Twitter and @MitchSmithMediaLLC on Instagram

Noah Hall, Sound Designer, Production Assistant

Jacob Holzclaw, Sound Designer, Production Assistant

Cameron Phillips, Sound Designer, Production Assistant

Special thanks to Nathan Justice, Chad Cogdill, Krista Kimmel and Ginny Whitehouse

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